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Sélection internationale : une proposition de livres jeunesse à traduire...

Fruit de nos échanges en janvier dans le cadre du Prix HCA 2024, voici une liste de 20 pépites pour la jeunesse, qui gagneraient à être traduites !

(Je reprends ici les références complètes, disponibles sur le site d'IBBY)

1. Siete niñas (Seven girls)written by Jorge Luján (Argentina) and illustrated by Chiara CarrerRosario, Argentina: Libros Silvestres, 2023, ISBN 978-987-48646-5-9

2.¿Feos y feas? (Ugly and ugly?)written by Lola Casa and illustrated by Gusti (Argentina)Barcelona, Spain: Carambuco Ediciones, 2020, ISBN 978-84-17766-24-5

3. The Watertowerwritten by Gary Crew (Australia)and illustrated by Steven WoolmanSydney, Australia: Hachette Australia, 2023, ISBN 978-0-734421-71-5

4. Petit somme (A little nap)written and illustrated by Anne Brouillard (Belgium)Paris, France: Seuil jeunesse, 2014, ISBN 979-10-235-0244-2

5. Kissouwritten by Angèle Delaunois (Canada) and illustrated by Jean-Claude AlphenQuébec, Canada: Éditions D'eux, 2020, ISBN 978-2-924645-50-5

6. 黑焰 Hei Yan (Black Flame)written by Gerelchimeg Blackcrane (China)Beijing, China: Jieli Publishing House, 2016, ISBN 978-7-5448-4416-1

7. Chigüiro viaja en chiva (Chigüiro travels by chiva)written and illustrated by Ivar Da Coll (Colombia/Venezuela)Bogotá, Colombia: Babel Libros, 2006, ISBN 978-958-8841-42-7


انشودة العودة Unshudat Al-Awdah (The homecoming chant)written by Affaf Tobala (Egypt)Giza, Egypt: Nahdet Misr, 2014, ISBN 978-977-14-5141-9

9. Mitt bottenliv. Av en ensam axolotl (My life at the bottom)written and illustrated by Linda Bondestam (Finland)Helsinki, Finland: Förlaget, 2020, ISBN 978-952-333-296-6

10. Résidence Beau Séjourwritten and illustrated by Gilles Bachelet (France)Paris, France: Éditions du Seuil, 2020 ISBN 979-10-235-1419-3

11. ΤοαγόριστοθεωρείοTo Agori Sto Theorio (The boy in the lodge)written by Angeliki Darlasi (Greece)Athens, Greece: Metaichmio, 2017, ISBN 978-618-03-1243-0

12. Un grande giorno di niente (A big day of nothing)written and illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna (Italy)Milan, Italy: Topipittori, 2016, ISBN 978-88-98523-56-6

13. 꽃할머니Kkoch hal meo ni (Flower Granny)written and illustrated by Kwon Yoon-Duck (Rep. of Korea)Paju, Korea: Sakyejul Publishing, 2015, ISBN 978-89-5828-909-8


على ضوء الشمعة Ala Dawee El-Shamaa (By the candlelight)written by Samar Barraj (Lebanon) and illustrated by Mira El MirBeirut, Lebanon: Asala Publishers, 2010, ISBN 978-614-402-032-6

15. Atua Māori Gods and Heroeswritten and illustrated by Gavin Bishop (New Zealand)Auckland, New Zealand: Picture Puffin (Penguin Random House New Zealand),2021, ISBN 978-0-14-377569-0

16. Kako je gospod Feliks tekmoval s kolesom (How Mr Felix took part in a bicycle race)written by Peter Svetina (Slovenia) and illustrated by Ana Razpotnik DonatiDob, Slovenia: Miš Založba, 2016, ISBN 978-961-272-448-1

17. Das kleine Wildschwein und die Krähen (The little wild boar and the crow)written by Franz Hohler (Switzerland)and illustrated by Kathrin SchärerMunich, Germany: Carl Hanser Verlag, 2023, ISBN 978-3-446-27600-0

18. The Young Infernowritten by John Agard (UK)and illustrated by Satoshi KitamuraLondon, UK: Frances Lincoln, 2008, ISBN 978-1-84507-769-3

19. The Jackie Morris Book of Classic Nursery Rhymeswritten and illustrated by Jackie Morris (UK)Burley Gate, Herefordshire, UK: Otter-Barry Books, 2021, ISBN 978-1-91307-405-0

20. Anotherwritten and illustrated by Christian Robinson (USA)New York, USA: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2019, ISBN 978-1-5344-2167-7


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